MOTD - BlockedSpiritualGifts

It’s funny when I see this card. I even experience a block when I try to write about it.


This card represents you experiencing a blockage from spiritual energy. Specifically spiritual energy which would come to you via; intuition, psychic, energetic, manifestation and/or healing.

These forms of energy encourage all aspects of your personality and life.

When you experience a block, such as suggested by this card, you will notice a change of course is needed, or perhaps a re-think, as you’re usual skillset will be offline. Why? It could be any number of reasons – but nothing happens outside the will of the Universe, so it’s all good.

Take this day to do whatever you need to do, but DON’T try to act from intuition, act from logic. Make sure your mind approves the course of action.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I use this time to focus within”

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