MOTD - ArchangelZadkiel

Today’s energy prompts you to forgive yourself, for what you haven’t done, have failed, or have yet to achieve. It’s ok.


The inner critic taking up space in your head has been highly active lately.This is causing a great deal of internal conflict and a general sense of edginess.

When the critic is activated for too long we see an overabundance of sadness revealing itself, angst and often anger.

It’s ok to feel a little sad. As long as you can see that this sadness isn’t who you are. It’s just what you’re experiencing right now – because of the inner critic.

That’s where Zadkiel comes in. His appearance always demands you forgive, yes others, but today the message is for you to forgive yourself for what your inner critic is accusing you of.

Rest your head a little and receive some Divine loving.

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