MOTD - ArchangelRaguel

I love when Archangel Raguel’s card appears, as it’s a sign of Divine justice being present.


Whenever this card is present it’s a sign that the Universe has heard your cry for justice, whether it was unconscious, subconscious or very loud.

Are you feeling that life is a little unfair toward you, especially when you view others?

Firstly; don’t compare, it’s a dangerous game that doesn’t give any relief whatsoever. Secondly; it’s time to give up that concern – as you’ve been heard! Now, if you can surrender it the Universe will start to change things and make things more balanced and fair – if they are not.

This is your promise that IF something is unfair, it will be corrected.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “Fairness is coming to my life!”

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