MOTD - ArchangelChammuel

Further proof that this month is heavily focused on romantic/sexual/sensual interaction. Chammuel is the archangel solely charged with interpersonal relationships.


When this card is present I know for certain that there are dynamics of interrelating being played out.
As in; how do we interact,
how do we honour each other while interacting and,
how do we communicate effectively with each other.

This month’s energy is encouraging you to take the time to look at your relationships to determine whether you’re missing any key skill, or you’re choosing to interact with others who are missing those key skills.

You either choose to accept how people are and how they interact, or you change who you interact with. It’s foolish to continue to complain or find pain in others when you could simply move on.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I welcome Archangel Chammuel’s lessons”

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