MOTD - Alcohol&Drugs

Today’s card asks you to look at your relationship with substances that elevate or alter your mood and mind.


Whenever this card is present it means there is a lesson to learn with anything mind altering. This could mean the person has an addiction issue, or it could mean that they have a control issue, as this card really means: what is your relationship to alcohol & drugs?

Both of these fall under the umbrella of ‘Neptune’, the planet associated with dreams, astral travel, music, meditation – basically anything mind altering. Of course the negative aspects are drug addiction, but the positive swing is the elating high of a glass of red wine with friends.

So, today’s card asks you to look at your personal relationship to Neptune. Are you addicted to anything? Do you have an issue with control? What is your mood like? What is your creativity level like at the moment?

All of these questions will lead you to expand your personal Neptune and ultimately assist your life.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I honour my creativity without addiction and control”

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