Want to experience some luck in your life? Try creating your own lucky coin today!

Since part of my mission is to educate people on Magick and help it come back to this world I created a ‘Lucky coin’ spell for you to try. This can be created with a specific wish in mind, but I do suggest that if you are wishing for something, ensure that it doesn’t try to alter the free will of another as this always has consequences!

You will need:

  1. One coin
  2. Draw any symbol which feels lucky to you on the coin with a marker. This could be a star, a cross, or a circle, etc.
  3. White candle
  4. Piece of paper with your wish written on it (if it is just for luck you should write LUCK on the paper)


  1. Sit the coin on the paper
  2. Light the candle
  3. Look at the flame; see it feeding energy into the coin and the coin absorbing the wish on the paper
  4. Then tap the coin with the hand you write with – three times
  5. Say out loud 3 X: LUCKY COIN
  6. Visualise: see a golden ring around your coin

Finish by saying:
My wish is heard
So mote it be

The coin is now spelled (meaning; it holds energy); carry the coin on you until your wish is fulfilled.

Be open to how the wish will come true as it may be in a different way from the way you originally thought. This works best if you are specific and clear. Once you perform this spell it’s vital you accept the results in with a grateful heart.

Hold the coin and feel the power of your wish coming to you whenever you feel prompted to. It’s there to remind you that your wish is manifesting itself in your life.

Once your wish has been fulfilled give the coin to someone else you feel guided to. It could be someone needing some luckor a thoughtful and unique present,  tell them about the ritual and that they should do the same.

Each time the coin is passed to another person and their wish fulfilled the coin’s power will increase, so with it the speed with which it fulfils wishes will accelerate.

The idea behind this is to create as many lucky items as possible, all with the purpose to help and assist.

Good luck!