Want to perform a spell for love, romance and all that’s in-between?

This spell is perfect for fine tuning what you’re attracting into your life, without affecting anyone’s free will – which is what you should always hope to avoid.

What you will need:

  1. Paper
  2. Red pen
  3. Pink or red candle, whichever feels more right to you (pink: sweet love, red: passionate)
  4. Music which makes you think of romance, or puts you in the mood for love.
  5. Optional: Red wine / grape juice

How to:

  1. Play the music, let yourself go with how it makes you feel. Close your eyes and enjoy the moment. Enjoy a sip of your drink, if you decided to use the wine as well.
  2. Feel how good it will eventually feel to have a person there to share a moment like this with you.
  3. Open your eyes and write all of the attributes which come to mind about the next romantic partner you would like to have come into your life. These attributes could be:


Easy going

Handsome / Beautiful

Likes children

Enjoys cooking

Likes to be spontaneous

With each one you write down try to hold onto the feeling of it, if you can visualise a person (without a face) doing this or showing this to you, even better.

Continue this process for as long as it’s enjoyable, the more energy you dedicate to this spell the more velocity it will return to you with.

Once you’re finished go over your love list again. Try to really feel, see, know, embrace each attribute you identified.

Then say:

Great Spirit/God/Universe/Angels, or if you want to be more specific; Aphrodite, or Spirits of Romance. Hear my call. I ask that all done is in my highest good, and the highest good of the world. Protect and guide me in my prayer.

Repeat the following 3 X:

Take this list as far as needed

Bring it back in human form when it be heeded

Then finish with:

With harm and suffering to none

So mote it be (or Amen)


Then take the paper and burn it safely, give the ashes to the wind. It is important to let the list and your wish go. Trust that it will return to you in whichever way the Universe designs.

Trust is the last key component to this spell. Every morning when you look in the mirror get excited that the Universe has heard your call and that romance is coming to you.

May love find you wherever you are!