High-Level Curse Banishing $999 USD

Read Todd’s article on curses CURSES 101.

For this ritual, Todd utilizes various traditional curse banishment techniques and combines them with his own secret methods. Using this secret method he has cleared curses from people from all walks of life with success and ease.

Todd does not handle inquiries looking to diagnose whether or not you have a curse placed on you. Why? Todd believes this is a questionable area where ‘spiritual’ people have conned many unsuspecting victims into paying large sums of money believing they have a curse placed on them. Or worse still, paying the fee only to be told they have to pay more. Sometimes the fear or threat of a curse creates one, so he avoids feeding into his client’s fear.

During the course of a session, Todd automatically discovers if a curse exists within your energy and if it’s low level it will be removed.

However, if there is a high-level curse placed there it will require extra time and ritual work. This is why Todd offers this service.

If you believe you have a curse placed on you we recommend you read the article linked above. After doing so you’ll have a clearer understanding of the topic and Todd’s perspective on curses and the process of removing them. If this resonates with you feel free to contact us to arrange your ritual.



*Depending on where you are reading this Todd may be required by law to advise that all spiritual or energetic work is provided under the title of ‘entertainment’.