Hello from Los Angeles! Happy 2015 and upcoming Chinese New Year of the Sheep. This year it falls on Feb 19, 2015! Hurrah, or should I say ‘Baaahh’?


In this post you’ll find:

  • A little info on the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Sheep
  • A special 2015 Amulet to drawn in the most auspicious and blessed energy for you – for free!
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The Year of the Sheep:

Hasn’t this year already kicked off with an interesting bang and perhaps even a subtle sense of challenge, transition and breakthrough? Even though this breakthrough may still remain entirely a mystery (just how the Spirit often likes it!), the feeling is there. However, the breakthrough is often just behind the sense of personal discomfort and frustration – check within.

Even though we have experienced one ‘New Year’, we are still two months away from experiencing the shift promised by the Chinese New Year. And by the sense of things, a shift it will definitely be!

The Chinese year coincides with the new moon cycle, so each year it changes. The Chinese zodiac system is also bound with the practice of Feng-Shui (the art of placement and its effect on energy) . This means that not only does the placement of the stars affect you, but how you Feng-Shui your space in relation to the stars needs to be looked at each year. So, the practice of Chinese astrology is very in-depth, complicated and often confusing system to the outsider. So, let’s try to clear a few things up.

Each year cycles through the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and their dominant element. So, traditional Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, etc, are replaced with animals and creatures like the dragon, the tiger and yes, the sheep!

2015 falls on the Green Sheep. The green bit refers to which element rules it. So it’s ruled by wood, the earth, ergo: green. The Sheep will be an interesting progression from last year’s Fire Horse as the sheep is YIN energy (think Yin / Yang). Which is the feminine, the emotional, the subtle, the dark. It’s an extremely affable sign, most get along easily with sheep, but it’s also considered a ‘weaker’ sign. The Sheep can swing between being too apathetic and a bit of a pushover, to being obstinate and resistant. So as this energy rules the year we will see some interesting power moves occur in the arenas of society and politics.

Therefore, it’s important to understand how this will affect you personally. It will be important to understand, work with and clarify our emotions to balance and strengthen YIN. It’s only then that you’ll be able to work with your YIN successfully. Since YIN represents the emotional and all that’s hidden, we can hypothesize that owning our emotions and clearly working with them will be a prominent theme throughout the year.

There is a high chance of aggression because of disowned or repressed feelings. Or the feeling of having too much to do and not being honoured. As all the Sheep does is eat, get shorn, until it’s time to be eaten, it’s entire existence becomes about someone else – can we say, potential resentment?

January and early February become the perfect time to begin strategizing, planning and arranging your personal energy for the Chinese year to come. Emotions will be high during the year of the Sheep and it will be vital for you to own yours.

How the year of the Sheep feels for you personally will be based on how your own Chinese zodiac animal and western zodiac sign relate to the sheep. Just like western signs some animals play well with others, while others do not.


Don’t know what your animal is? Don’t fear, look below!


As I mentioned, your birth year determines which animal you were born under.

The Sheep is known for being artistic, poetic, emotional and (sometimes) easily led.

Feng-Shui masters anticipate the many of the traps associated with a Green Sheep year and suggest ‘cures’ to help ‘fix’ the energy you encounter. As you may not have one of these masters handy, I’ve created an Amulet for you to carry to help you avoid what you don’t need and rendezvous with things you do. Want it? Well here you are:


Hand drawn Amulet for the Green Sheep 2015


I designed this Amulet specifically for 2015. Keep it with you. You can print it and carry a hardcopy or save the image and place it on your phone as a wallpaper. Either option will pull in positive energy and ward off any negativity that you don’t need to experience.

It’s helpful to look at the Amulet regularly while breathing in and out, calling for the assistance of the Universe for 2015.

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