Guidance Session

What is it? What does it include? What happens?

The Guidance session includes a spiritually led discussion, full card reading with Todd’s custom cards, and then energetic cleansing and clearing.

At the start of your session you’ll have the opportunity to go over the specific issues you are focused on right now. Todd prefers that the session is interactive – many clients describe it like seeing an intuitive, combined with a mystic, mixed with a psychologist – minus the couch!
In the next stage, Todd will use his ‘Universe Speaks Oracle cards’ which you’ll have seen featured on his Instagram page. Not only are these cards extremely accurate, their messages are concise and straight to the point.

This time will confirm themes and advice you have just heard and for you to also receive a physical symbol of what your energy is attracted to and working with at this point – basically it’ll show you the life themes you are experiencing and offer relevant guidance.
The last stage of the session is the ‘energetic healing’, meaning the ‘healing of your energy’. During this time Todd will go into your energy field and remove any energy which shouldn’t be there. This may include; low-level curses, blocked karmic lessons, negative attachments and entities. Essentially anything which may be blocking your spiritual development and happiness will be cleared through this process.
Most clients report feeling a newfound sense of calm and elation once the healing has been performed.


Todd charges per hour so that you can decide how much time you need. If you are the sort of person who loves to talk and you have lots of questions, opt for two hours, otherwise, select one hour. Either way, Todd is skilled at getting to the root of what needs to be talked about within the time that’s allocated.

The current rate:

$300 per hour (online)

$350 per hour (in-person) + $travel



3 x Online Guidance Sessions:

$850 (saving $50)

3 x In-Person Guidance Sessions:

$1000 (saving $50)


Only have a small topic or question to focus on? Check out the Recorded Reading

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How many sessions should I book?     
Todd recommends first-time clients expect 3 hours over a 2 month period. Here’s why:
Session 1 focuses on identifying your patterns, behaviors and belief systems which need clearing or altering. During this session you are taught Todd’s custom rituals, prepared for you.
Session 2 focuses on reviewing your homework and progress, clearing up any misunderstandings and supporting you through challenges.
Session 3 allows Todd to chart your successes and create a daily routine for you to work with. The two of you will go over what you can expect and what you may need to work on further.
This is just a recommendation as Todd sees clients in all ways: e.g. once a week during a challenging time, once a month or as a yearly check-up.

How does Todd deliver these sessions?  
In most cases, Todd will do your session via video or voice chat on the free download,, or FaceTime. If there is an internet connection issue there is the option to complete your session via the phone *NB: call costs are client’s responsibility.

In person sessions?       
Yes, Todd does in person sessions – and if possible we highly recommended you experience his energy in person.
When you make your booking you will be advised if there are any dates scheduled in your city.



Cancellation policy

No refunds or exchanges are offered

You can reschedule your session within 24 hours notice

Missed session times will result in you losing your payment


*Depending on where you are reading this Todd may be required by law to advise that all spiritual or energetic work is provided under the title of ‘entertainment’