Would you like to call upon the natural forces of the Universe to help you get that perfect job or promotion?


  1. Magnet or Lodestone
  2. Yellow or Yellow orange candle
  3. Paper
  4. Pen

Write down a list of characteristics or accountabilities about a job you would like eg:
Dynamic environment
Fun people to work with

Write as many as you like and make sure you really FEEL all of these things, and imagine what it would be like as you write each of them.


  1. When you finish the list, hold the stone or magnet in your power hand (the hand you write with) and then visualise yourself being in that type of environment, doing those particular duties, experiencing that type of thing. Make sure you feel it, see all of those emotions and images travel from your heart and into the stone. Feel the stone getting charged and empowered.
  2. Stand up with the stone and hold it next to your heart and then really think what it will be like getting and being in this job, dance around, be filled with joy and excitement. Hold the stone close to your heart the entire time so that it can get attuned to the frequency of your heart.
  3. Get out the candle, write your name on it with – GOT THE JOB! Or whatever else feels right to write.

As you light the candle recite 3 x:

Bring to me that which is called
A wonderful job
A great promotion
Whatever is written will now unfold

Then finish with saying:

SO MOTE IT BE (or Amen)

Light the candle when you work on your CV, send out resumes, or call prospective employers.

Be sure to carry the stone with you, especially when attending interviews.

When you get the job, you can give the stone to someone else who may be looking for their dream job as it will have been charged with success. If you don’t have anyone nearby to bless it with you can give it back to nature by burying under a tree.

Good luck with getting that job!