Feng-Shui Consultations

Todd has spent many years studying numerous elements of Feng-Shui. His approach is unique as he combines Traditional Feng-Shui, Flying Star and Taoist Feng-Shui with Shamanism, energy work and other traditions to give you a holistic approach to space management.

Feng-Shui extends beyond how your place looks and where furniture is placed. When thoroughly adhered to, your individual astrological chart is referenced, checking the stars that affect your animal that year. By diminishing negative effects and by amplifying positive ones, we balance the elements of your home and life.

Traditionally, people adjust their Feng-Shui each year! Just like redecorating helps you feel fresh and revived, so does referencing your stars and rectifying the Feng-Shui in your home and office.

Online Consultation

Todd will take a hand drawn, or professional floor plan of your home or office to create your Feng-Shui reading for you. This will include your yearly horoscope and the positive and negative stars affecting your sign.

Todd will also provide the list of cures to negate the influence of the negative stars, and empower the positive ones.


Online Consultations start at $500

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In-Person Consultation

Todd will visit and inspect your property, consult with your Feng-Shui forecast, then provide a detailed reading for you. Todd will also use his psychic and sensorial skills to sense into imbalances in energies and pick up on any other information.

Todd can also perform a cleansing ritual for your space (recommended) at a discounted rate if organized before hand.


In-Person Consultations depend on location, travel required and size of property.

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