Politics: talk about an agenda fuelled topic. I even encountered numerous agendas while writing this topic and sharing it with people. Politics is naturally aligned with ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, so it’s impossible to avoid judgement and critical thinking using the current political model.


We as spiritual beings strive to evolve beyond agendas and machinations, but that bloody Ego, fear ruled self constantly tries to halt development and evolution, and let’s be honest gay rights still scares the crap out of a lot of people!


First let’s start off by saying this is not a political piece. In fact I encourage people to learn how to vote intuitively to sense out the Divine plan, rather than basing the vote on the policies of an individual party, because let’s face it, every leader and their party has more than a few shortcomings.


And before I even go further, try to not whip yourself into a frenzy worrying about how terrible Australia is going to become, or that you’re about to enter the seventh circle of hell, ala a Liberal Australia.


Illumination 6: I will recognise each experience that comes as another steppingstone on my own path, without exception.


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So no matter what political party has been elected you trust that the Divine will is in control, and this will benefit you and mankind because it has occurred. By holding onto this belief you’ll do your part to ensure fear doesn’t take hold and that evolution rules.


Ok, now that’s out of the way there a few elements of the Australian consciousness I want to go over with you: namely, the ‘tall poppy syndromers’ and the ‘change things up’ mentality.


Australian’s are notorious for pulling down those achieving. Perhaps it’s from a belief that people need to be kept in check, I’m not sure, but you’ll notice that whenever someone is new and ‘underdog’ like, Australian’s love it. They encourage, support and believe that this person should ‘have a fair go’. Then when this person succeeds those around them begin to pull them back down again. Australia: encourage and support each other. Be your own biggest cheerleaders!


The next element is the ‘change things up’ mentality. Perhaps this originally came from ‘the grass is always greener’ way of thinking, but this type of mentality doesn’t allow enough time to the here and now to see any real change come into effect. Besides that, if you ask what this mentality wants to see ‘change’, the answer is often absolutely impossible to pin down. It’s an unknown, it’s a vibe, it’s just the desire for the unknown. These people need to tune into their true soul motivation!


To me personally, this vote was a real window for social change for Australia. The irony is that I’ve seen many people use that ‘it’s time to change things up’ reasoning for voting Liberal. You know, I would’ve assumed that marriage equality would have ‘changed up’ Australia sufficiently. Again; let’s encourage change that supports humanity, whatever colour, orientation, background and taste in music.


What about the ‘spiritual’ people who consciously choose to not buy into the current political system? People around the world need these individuals to be present and vocal about social evolution and progression, not locked away in a spiritual retreat chanting Om.


I guess the root of all of this is a call to look at motive, intention and authenticity. Basically it’s a time to ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in and then to ensure your actions line up with that.


For many the election result shouted very loudly that majority of Australians put possible financial gain and elusive policy before human rights, and that doesn’t sit well within them – understandably.


If you don’t like it, it’s your time to do something about it. Don’t sit in a cave waiting for the golden age to save the world. YOU are the initiator of the golden age. The earth is a free-will zone. The Spirit isn’t going to steal the reigns. Each of you has power to create, and the Spirit wants you to grab hold of that power and put 100% of it toward shaping this world!


As a final request, send some love to the next generation of gay children, who saw that the majority of Australians yet again decided that their love isn’t the same as their heterosexual friends.


It’s not a time for apathy, forget the past. t’s time to roll up your energetic sleeves and begin contributing to evolving this moment It’s time to link your intention with clear action. I believe the next step for humanity is to ensure that every human being on earth is treated equally. Only then can humanity begin to embrace its spiritual nature and begin to soar. Moving forward, aim to avoid being party followers and instead be free will policy encouragers, compassion givers and equality advocates. Vote for whoever best fits the bill. And if all else fails – vote #1 Todd Savvas.
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