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What is it? What does it include? What happens?

An advanced session is for those actively pursuing their spiritual path. Often times these people are healers, psychologists, intuitives, spiritual aspirants or those who wish to begin the process of becoming a student of Todd’s.

This session is focused on developing your capacity and gifts, not only personal gifts but your spiritual abilities.

You will be asked to look deep within to clear blocked energy, old mindsets and limitations. You will also be pushed to grow beyond your comfort levels.

During this time Todd will ‘attune’ you to a higher version of your own energy, or an aspect of his own. The word ‘attunement’ is spiritual terminology and more familiar words might be; download, to receive or to upgrade.

Please note, you must have had at least one general session to be eligible for an advanced session.


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*Depending on where you are reading this Todd may be required by law to advise that all spiritual or energetic work is provided under the title of ‘entertainment’.