Todd Savvas is a spiritual teacher, contemporary mystic and sage. His unique approach to spirituality merges age old wisdom and modern day savvy.

His strongly religious upbringing roused pivotal questions, in the pursuit of answers Todd first explored a range of beliefs, philosophies and practices. This led to him develop his own, simple and straightforward concept: It is not based on a philosophy but the experience of the individual, and the understanding that emerges from it.

While developing these concepts, he studied and worked in the worlds of fashion and advertising in his native Australia, primarily in Sydney. The resulting experiences exposed him to the contradiction of modern-day values, the belief that achievement and acquisition lead to inner peace. Equally, he learned the power of creatively expressed ideas.

At the same time, Todd was working, honing his skills and refining his method with individual clients. The combination of their feedback and his own observations resulted in his no-nonsense yet deeply spiritual approach, one that focuses on helping others recognize how to fulfil their genuine needs.

His fresh and frank style led to regular media appearances, particularly on the number one Australian television breakfast show ‘The Morning Show’.

Central to Savvas’ message is the process of self-discovery. Core to this is the principle of Soul Worth, which guides an individual to connect what they value within them. As an individual establishes/connects with and strengthens their soul worth, they gain understanding and power to transform dysfunctional element of their life, to master their inner and outer, practical, worlds.

During his spiritual sabbatical in Europe, Todd refined his method for transmitting his teachings, while continuing to work with clients and discuss his ideas in media.

However, Todd’s focus was always America. Where he has already taught successful events on intuition and modern spirituality to crowds of tastemakers and media networkers.

His intention is to deliver powerful modern-day mysticism, Todd Savvas style.