The 12 Illuminations

The Spirit asked me to write out 12 intentions for daily living. These are beliefs, ideologies and attitudes which you intend to exhibit each and every day.

Many people ask me ‘what do you believe in?’ or ‘what do you teach?’. Both of these imply some sort of rigid system, and that spirituality is somewhat likened to religion. It’s not.

Spirituality at its core is all about freedom. The freedom to be able to connect, understand and express your soul’s true spiritual nature. With this in mind, read the Illuminations below and take note of their practical usefulness. Spirituality should make sense, it should be relatively easy to apply and most importantly: it should feel resonant with your own heart.

It’s important you remember these are not commandments as a commandment inevitably becomes hard, resistant and incapable of change. These are illuminations which allows for your personal adaption, investigation and eventual evolution.

  1. I will release the dramas of yesterday and welcome all today offers
  2. I will actively confront, heal and release my fears wherever I find them
  3. I will speak my truth and let others ignore it without repercussion
  4. I will express my assessment of the beliefs and actions of others only if invited
  5. I will avoid all undermining ideas, activities and settings
  6. I will recognise each experience that comes as another steppingstone on my own path, without exception
  7. I will not act in a manner which restricts, affects or controls the freewill of others, as I honour the destiny they choose to walk
  8. I will encourage the mental, emotional and spiritual evolution of all those I encounter
  9. I will remember that I am solely responsible for creating the change I want in my life
  10. I will remember that the only impossibilities in life are the things I believe to be so
  11. I will actively show appreciation and freely give authentic praise
  12. I will learn to exude love bigger, brighter and bolder than I did yesterday

These are the daily intentions I suggest living by. As you do you’ll experience the resulting transformation.

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