This is a new type of experience offered by Todd.

This type of session is when you have a specific scenario or topic that you would like to talk to Todd directly about – without delving into the full session experience.

As this is a timed call you will want to have yourself prepared with the scenario and the questions you have relating to it.

Why this over a full session?

Some people would rather discuss one specific topic rather than look at all elements of their life.

Think of this as a 20 minute, direct Question and Answer situation.

More details?

Keep in mind that this is strictly timed and limited to 20 minutes. If you go over you will need to pay for another 20 minutes. If you feel you have more to talk about, please consider the full Guidance Session which is where you will get the full picture and learn all the tools necessary to expand.





Cancellation policy

No refunds or exchanges are offered

You can reschedule your session within 24 hours notice

Missed session times will result in you losing your payment